The Google Privacy Policy and this Stadia Privacy Notice describe how Google handles your personal information while using Stadia.

When you play a game on Stadia, Google may share certain data with the game publisher to support gameplay, enable in-game functionality, investigate problems, facilitate improvement of Stadia or the game, and provide customer support. This information may include:

  • limited account information, such as your country, your province or state (if you are in Canada or the U.S.), country of purchase, time zone, and your Google Account language setting;
  • Stadia profile information, such as your Stadia Name, avatar, and a unique identifier that is assigned to you by Stadia;
  • information about the devices that you use in connection with Stadia, such as screen size and the type of input devices;
  • gameplay data, such as game saves, in-game achievements, in-game statistics, online status, restricted features, data to enable multiplayer and matchmaking, game input from input devices you use (e.g., mouse and keyboard, controller, microphone) and, if you access games that use Stadia’s Stream Connect feature, the video and audio of your game;
  • identifiers of users who you have blocked on the platform and who have blocked you;
  • data about game performance on Stadia, including error reports;
  • social data, such as identifiers for your friends on Stadia, only with your additional consent; and
  • information about your content entitlements on Stadia, such as in-game purchases and subscription status.

Each publisher has agreed to use this information in accordance with its privacy policy. Please take time to review the publisher’s privacy policy.